The Stained Glass Windows
of St. John's Episcopal Church

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A series introducing a new set of windows each month.
Month Eight - October 1 - 31

G-1. The Robert J. Lawrence, Sr. Memorial window – “Peace”

Of all contemporary symbols, this one seems to be one which will endure. As portrayed here, it has been for some time the symbol of the Episcopal Peace Fellowship. The Peace symbol, without the Cross, evolved in England during the early 1950's as a symbol for the Ban tje Bomb movement, and was quickly accepted as a symbol for world peace and non-violnce throughout the world.


G-2. The Birkmaier Family Memorial window – “The Star of David"

One of the earliest known Jewish symbols, the "Mogen David" was the emblem of the royal Jewish line of David, and the emblem of the nation of Judah.  Jesus was a direct descendent in the Davidic line and, of course, was frequently hailed as the "Son of David". Tpday, the Star of David is the emblem of the modern state of Israel.

G-3. The Reardon and Denholm Families Memorial window –  "Wheat and Bread"

Placed as it is, opposite the window portraying grapes and a chalice, and directly above the altar and aumbry, the significance pf this inset is immediately apparent.  Bread is an important symbol throughout the Bible, and particularly in the New Testament gospels: "This is my Body;" "Give us this day our daily bread.' Jesus refers to himself as "the Bread of Life", and the numerous references to his feeding people with bread, as well, and most importantly, as his use pf bread at the Last Supper make bread one of the most sacred pf Christian symbols.

G-4. The Pero Family Memorial window – “Grapes and Chalice”

Again, placed as it is, opposite the bread design, and above the altar, this window stresses the central importance of the sacrement of the Holy Eucharist.

G-5. The Another Way window – “Fish”

The fish is the earliest known Christian symbol.  The word for "fish" in Greek (the language most popularly spoken by people in the first-century Mediterranean wprld, and the original language of the New Testament writings) is "ichthus" , which early Christians fashioned as an acronym for "Jesus (I) Christ (CH) God's (TH) Sone (U) Savior (S)".  In recent times, the fish has been revived as a symbol of a nationwide community-level organization dedicated tp mutual aid and assistance.  (Another Way was a drug and crisis intervention counselling center, in existence in 1970-1971, established by a group of Winthrop citizens).