The Stained Glass Windows
of St. John's Episcopal Church

Monthly window pages...

A series introducing a new set of windows each month.
Month Six - July 4 to July  31, 2022

16. The Sophia Milbourn Memorial window

Another of the oldest windows at St. John's, this figure is beloved by many who have grown up here, and is familiarly known as "the heavenly hitchhicker." Probably, however. It is supposed to represent St. John the Baptist, inasmuch as ever since Leonard da Vinci's cryptic painting of John the Baptist, in which he is portrayed as pointing upward.  Renditions of the Saint have often copied this characteristic gesture.

17. The Murcell Memorial window – “The Good Shepherd”

This, too, is a window dating back to the founding of the Parish, and is rendered in materials and in a style typical of the times.

18.-19. The Georgie and Howard Snow Memorial windows – "Two Angels"

In style, these windows are directly related to the Sts. Michael (#11) and George  (#13) windows in the Sanctuary, and in mood, reflect the spirit of the familiar "Gl oria in excelsis" and "Sanctus".