2022 Stewardship Campaign

Rector's Stewardship Letter

My Fellow Parishioners,                                                                                

As a young kid, I loved Bible stories, especially from the Hebrew Scriptures because they were so dramatic. Noah’s Ark was definitely a favorite and triggered many questions, wonderings and outright fantasies for me. What was life like on the Ark? What expectations and hopes did Noah’s family have? What did they have to rebuild, in terms of both physical structures and institutions? In a similar vein (again as a kid), I would often wonder what we would replicate if stranded on a deserted island like Gilligan and his shipmates.

The biblical story of Noah and the Ark keeps perking up in my thoughts as I ponder our Covid-19 experience. The pandemic itself has been a storm of “biblical” proportions, reshaping the landscape of all they we had known. The vaccine development and rollout have echoes of the rains ceasing, while the decreased infection rate has given us a stable landing on Mount Ararat. The tentative emergence of social life reminds us of the dove’s return with an olive branch. Yes, the pandemic has certainly submerged, over-whelmed and otherwise blanketed what we once knew of our communal life. Work, school, family, recreation, and worship have all been sent for a good soak as we wait out the pandemic. And a question remains: when they are all dried out, so to speak, will they still “fit” in our post-pandemic world?