The Stained Glass Windows
of St. John's Episcopal Church

A series introducing a new set of windows each month.
Month Three - April 5th to April 30th,

7.  The Arthur Tucker memorial window - "Saint Joseph"

Joseph, the father of Jesus, was a carpenter. He is shown in this window, therefore, holding a carpenter's square. (Joseph is often shown holding other familiar carpenter's tools, as well as, sometimes, a flowering staff, reminiscent of the legend that his staff alone, of the many left at the door of the 14-year-old Virgin Mary by her various suitors, burst into flower, designating him as her choice.

8. The Titus Family window – “St. John the Baptist”

This window abounds in the symbols usually associated with Jesus' forerunner: the camel skin which he wore as a garment; the Jordan River in which he is standing and in w which he baptized those who followed him; the staff and banner bearing the words "Ecce Agnus Dei" - "Behold the Lamb of God" - as well as a lamb at his feet; and, on the border a beehive and bees, and a locust or grasshopper, which provided his diet in the wilderness; and a scallop shell representing Holy Baptism.

9. The Charles Hagman Memorial window – “St. John (the Evangelist)"

The feather in his hand and the open book denote this as being the author of the Gospel of John, as well, of course, as the author of the Epistles and the Book of Revelation - the writing in which he divined or foretold the future an the Last Day. He is the patron Saint of our Parish.  The traditional symbol, the eagle, appears in the left-side border. (Incidentally, the authors of the other Gospels may be identified by the following symbols: Matthew, the face of a man, usually holding a book; Mark, a lion; and Luke, an ox or bull. Each of these symbols is derived from a passage in the Book of Revelation.