The Stained Glass Windows
of St. John's Episcopal Church

A series introducing a new set of windows each month.
Month Two - Starting March 1st.

4. The Arthur and Martha Hagman Memorial window - "Martha of Bethany"

Martha is a figure who is portrayed in John 11-12, the sister of Mary and Lazarus. In this window, she holds a bowl and spoon, signifying her having prepared a meal for Jesus and his disciples in Chapter 12. Also,  because of her apparently housewifely qualities, she is portrayed holding a large (house) key. (Legend has it that Martha eventually landed with Lazarus at Marseilles, France, where she delivered the countryside from a monstrous dragon and converted the people to Christianity; thus she is sometimes shown with a dragon under her foot.)

5. The Phinney Memorial window - "Ruth of Moab"

Probably the most memorable woman in the Old Testament, Ruth is portrayed holding a sheaf of grain which would have been gathered in the fields where she worked at harvest time. This window is the only one at St. Johns portraying an Old Testament figure.

6. The Emily and Eric Hagman Memorial window - "Mary of Bethany"

Again, like her sister Martha, Mary appears in Chapters 11 and 12 of St. John's Gospel. It was Mary who annointed Jesus with the fine oil and wiped his feet with her hair. She is thus often shown holding an oil jar - but not in this particular rendering.