Stewardship 2022 - continued

Rector's Stewardship Letter - continued

Noah and crew faced many of the same questions as to their future, but they began building that future by first giving thanks to God. Likewise, we are called to a life of gratitude as we write the next chapter of our lives, as individuals and as God’s gathered people at St John’s. As a parish, we have a few torn sails but so much for which to give thanks. With the dedication and generosity of parishioners, we have landed in tact on the other side of the storm. As the waters of the pandemic continue to recede, we are called to assess what of our pre-pandemic life still “fits” our mission and how we might “refit” ourselves to best serve the community in Jesus’ name.

Trapped in this Covid haze for twenty months, we rub our eyes and adjust our vision for the future. What do we want to rebuild, reshape or simply jettison from our pre-pandemic lives? Some will admittedly find little to no purpose for voluntary associations such as the Church. Others will simply want to turn back the clock. But in all honesty, much has to be reshaped to adapt to our new landscape. God now calls us into the future. God does not

act in a vacuum; God needs our presence, our imagination, our resolve, our time and our treasure to write the next chapter. Will you join us?

And so, as we celebrate the Feast of Christ the King (Nov. 21), I invite you to renew your allegiance to Jesus by making a financial commitment to the work of Christ that we collectively share at Saint John’s Parish. Please use our online pledge card.  You may return a physical pledge card if you prefer, and return it to the Parish Office, or place it in the collection plate. Stewardship is a journey that doesn’t happen overnight. So, begin where you are, and ask yourself if you can increase your pledge by, say 10%, from $20 to $22 per week, or 5%, from $20 to $21 per week. If you did not pledge last year, I invite you to consider a pledge for 2022 as your “yes” to God and God’s work among us. A timely response would be appreciated since the Parish depends on your pledge to craft a budget for the coming year. Unlike the federal government, we do not borrow against the future; we help God make the future possible by giving generously and faithfully in the present.


Your fellow Steward,


Father Walter 

2021 Pledge Summary


Total Pledges for 2021: $110,710 (compared to $118,470 for 2020)

Total Pledging Households/Units: 56 (compared to 64 in 2020)

                    Average 2021 Pledge:     $1,976.96 ($38.02 per week)