The Stained Glass Windows
of St. John's Episcopal Church

Monthly window pages...

A series introducing a new set of windows each month.
Month Five - July 3 to August 2, 2022

13. The Haigh Memorial window – “St. George”

St. George of Cappadocia is the subject of many paintings and sculptures, owing to the excitement and drama of his defeat of a rapacious dragon, according to legend. He is invariably portrayed in armor, his lance pnetrating the body and his foot resting upon the head of the monster-- as in this window. His emblem, the Cross -- became the emblem of England (cf. window #2 "St. Andrew", as well as Henry V's rallying speech before th Battle of Agincourt in Shakespeare's play), and he is traditionally the Patron Saint of England.

14. The James and Fanny Nelson Memorial window – “St. James, Apostle"

More legend than fact surrounds James, called "The Great", as distinguished from "St. James the Less". We know that he was slain by Herod after Jesus's death and resurrection; legend has it that he journeyed to Spain -- where he is called Santiago -- becoming, in time, its patron Saint. He is often portrayed in Spanish art as a military figure on horseback. Here , he is shown as a pilgrim, carrying the traditional pilgrim's staff and gourd (for water); and his hat bears the emblem of the scallop shell, denoting both his pilgrimage and his missionary baptism of the Spanish. The fountain, to his right, represents the "Fountain of Living Waters", promised those who undertake a pilgramage towards Christ.


15. The Forsyth Memorial window – 
"St. Paul, flanked by Cross and Anchor"


The original window in this position, donated by the Forsyth Family, one of the oldest windows in the Church,  was destroyed in the fire.  This is the window selected to replace it.